Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Young Creative Competition

In 2008, the TIMES newspaper ran a national competition, asking agencies to send a team of young creatives. Each team had 2 hours to create an ad, encouraging the public to conserve electricity. A touchy subject, as South Africa was experiencing power-cuts at the time. This process was being broadcast around the convention centre where the Design Indaba Expo was being held. Once we entered our glass 'hamster cage' we turned off all electronic equipment, and created the entire ad by hand. Demonstrating that we can all do our bit to save electricity. This ad won first place.

Chappies Ambient

Chappies chewing gum is famous for the facts on the inside of their wrappers. A5 stickers resembling Chappies wrappers were pasted in urban locations. Each sticker had a single 'Chappie fact' on it that was relevant to where it was pasted. Passers-by were unexpectedly reminded of the much-loved Chappies brand. Billboard Trailer

Mobile billboards were parked in neighbourhoods around Johannesburg and Cape Town. Each billboard was then vandalised. This communicated the idea the helps people find their ideal neighbourhood.

A few months later, real vandals took it upon themselves to damage one of the billboards even further. They sliced up it's sides and stole its wheels. Local newspapers spotted the billboard and ran inserts.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VW POLO retail Campaign

Remember the 90’s?

The average Volkswagen Polo driver certainly does. It was their heyday. And now, with Polo prices dropping as low as they have, it kind of feels like the 90’s all over again.


MCQP - Mother City Queer Projects

MCQP is the largest annual gay party in South Africa. Every year, people from all over the world converge on Cape Town for the event. The theme for 2007’s MCQP was ‘Back to School - The Matric Dance.’ Our task was to promote the theme and the party across a variety of mediums.

Street Pole posters were created. They were intended to look like the diary or doodles of high schoolers - with a bit of a twist.

We did a wall mural outside the venue to promote the event.

National Sea Rescue Institute - 40th Anniversary Campaign

The South African National Sea Rescue Institute saves hundreds of lives every year. To mark their 40th anniversary, we created a series of posters celebrating a few of the ordinary people the institute has saved since its inception in 1967. They’re here today, because the NSRI is 40.

Silver Loerie 2008
Archive Magazine 2008
Finalist London International 2009
Clio Finalist 2009
One show finalist 2009

WWF Heroes Campaign - Ambient

WWF Heroes Campaign - TV spots

WWF Heroes Campaign - Print

ORDINARY PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE THE PLANET. This campaign illustrates how a few small changes in the average person’s daily routine can make a huge contribution towards a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Bronze Loerie print 2008
Bronze Loerie intergrated campaign 2008
Eagle finalist 2008.
Archive magazine 2008
TV appeared on 'Shots' reel.

TOKARA Wine Made Art Campaign

We commissioned 8 artists to use TOKARA's Red wine as a medium. These artworks became our print ads and were exhibited in the Gallery, on the estate. These paintings were later sold at a charity auction. This is now an annual event, each year commissioning new artists and using that years vintage.

Gold Loerie Award 2006
Archive Magazine 2006